Settle Into Stillness Sound Healing Journey

By BLUE Dog Yoga and Wellness (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 12, 2019

Camden, South Carolina is so fortunate that this amazing duo is stopping by again on their Settle Into Stillness Yoga and Sound Healing Tour! Don't miss them at Blue Dog Yoga April 11 and 12 for a Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath experience.

Jeremy and Nancy are from Michigan. They met in 2011 and began a journey around the world, sharing their passions of yoga and sacred music. Their journey has taken them to 4 continents and 10 countries together, including India, Bali, Australia, Greece, and more! They are both dedicated yoga students and teachers and live in service of inspiring others to live from their hearts and follow their dreams. Together, they lead Yoga and Sacred Music retreats around the world.

April 11: Restorative Yoga Sound Journey 6-8 PM - $35 advance purchase before April 1, $40 after 4/1 (10 spots only)

Join Jeremy and Nancy for an evening of soothing and healing sounds paired with a supported, breath centered Restorative Yoga practice. The fusion of sound, stillness, and breath will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. The vibrational experience includes the sacred sounds of the handpan, gong, chimes, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo and more. 

Experience the bliss of surrender as Nancy leads the class through nurturing restorative poses supported by blankets, bolsters and blocks while Jeremy provides an improvised ultra sensory exploration with enchanting sacred sounds. The evening will culminate with a long and inviting savasana as you allow yourself to be carried away by a deep, multi-instrumental sound experience. Essential oils will complement and enhance the experience.  

April 12: Healing Sound Bath 6:30-8 PM - $30 advance purchase before April 1, $35 after 4/1

Come sit, headstand or savasana to the fusion of sound, stillness and breath! Experience deep relaxation as Jeremy and Nancy create an enveloping soundscape to help release stress and tension. The soothing vibrations of the handpan, didgeridoo, Paiste gong, crystal singing bowls and more will provide an atmosphere to allow your mind to tap into meditative states, while also nourishing and calming the nervous system. During the experience you will rest in a comfortable and supported savasana as you are bathed by a sea of sound and vibration. Each experience is created and offered with pure intent for healing and relaxation.  

There will be a period of silence at the end of the sound bath, holding essential space for the vibrations to integrate and settle. 

These Sound Healings are journeys of sound and vibration that move in, through and around you - it's an experience to treasure! Each offering is unique and profound.

Come to BOTH evenings for only $60!

Space for these truly unique and healing events is limited and therefore, advance tickets may be purchased. 

Please contact Lisa at [email protected], or by text or phone at (803) 486-0441 with questions and to confirm attendance.

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